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Kalingaxx were superseded by decimal figures in the last quarter of the 8th century a. It was thus published in the first mia kalingaxxx of the said monthly. They were found at a place not far from Buguda where the C. The Agrah milf cartoons named Homvaka, may be identi- fied with the present Hummsituated on the B.

Railway, between the Stations Rambh and Ganjam. The village Chandana Vataka may be the same as the modern Chandanapalli, mia kalingaxxx less than a mile to the kalingaxzx of Sumayrdala, where the plates were discovered. Sircar says that, according to kalingaxx calculations of Mr. But it may be read as c Read 69 Let the 'following order be known to the present and future Samantas, the Maharajas, the Raja-putras, the Mia kalingaxxx amatyas, the Uparikas, the Ayuktakas, the Dandapasikas, the Sthanantarikas and others, such as the Ballabhas etc.

Lakshminarayana Harichandan Jagadeb, Nearly thirty years ago a broken Sisupa rose wooden toilet box kalnigaxxx ivory carving work on the outside of the mia kalingaxxx was iound iii a room in the ancient ruined palace of Kalingqxxx in Ganjam District. The measurements of the box are 20' long 12 ' broad and 6' high with stand. The box has a big compartment in the middle with small compartments round it. The big compartment has a lid made of mia kalingaxxx plank and on it there is a brass ring in the middle for opening it.

In one of the side compartments of the box there are five rounds of mia kalingaxxx wooden lids, four brass, four silver cases v'ith lids and they contain red sindursblue indigoyellow haritalcopying green kalingaxx mixture of harital and kalingadxx powders. Mia kalingaxxx the other comprartment of the same box there are 8 small cups out of which 4 are brass cups and the other four are silver cups of different patterns, with painted pastes mia kalingaxxx different colours such as yellow, black.

The third compartment contains six small ivory sticks out of which three sticks are 2" and other three are 23" long. One side mia kalingaxxx each stick is sharp and the other side being blunt. It appears that the different colours were painted with these sticks, There are two ivory combs one of which is two sided with 2" long and the other is one sided with 3J" long in that case. There are some pieces of white chalks. The remaining 4th com- partment contains a small silver case, in which are found the round, oblong and traingular etc.

In an other silver case there are some thin circular piece of gold and silver with designs for pasting on the face painting with designs. Some of kkalingaxxx gold silver circular pieces are saffixed on mica and some of the gold and silver round carving pieces are set with rubies, emeralds and pearls in the centres. There are two silver cups in one of which there is bees- wax to mia kalingaxxx the forehead ino yamanaka sex and to affix the mica gold and silver stars on the face and in the other there is the gum of wood- mia kalingaxxx for mixing the paints.

There is a fish like two sided silver case in which the black ointment mia kalingaxxx kzlingaxxx in the eyes is stored.

There are two silver oil bottles in the two cornered 71 compartments, and the container of the bottles may be with the scented oil or mia kalingaxxx mla corks. The attar or the scented oil was for to mix the colour powders whenever they wanted to paint the face. But now mia kalingaxxx is no scent in the oil, because it must have been prepared long ago, and the oalingaxxx of the powders and the paste also has faded.

There kaingaxxx a mirror with silver frame in the box measur- ing 8' by 6'. Most of the murcury coating in the glass is of course worn out. The paints kalingaxzx of green, blue, copying etc. The face painting paper in the box was found in a torn condition. So I preserved it carefully pasting it on a piece of cloth.

The colour powders and the paste seem to have been used for team titans porn painting pur- poses nia oil and water. They were applied by the ladies to their forehead in the ancient days.

The designs appears mia kalingaxxx the form of flowers, buds, creepers, ducks, parrots, peacocks, fishes, stars, pegions etc. Sometimes the ladies used as face mark during night time the glow-worm pissy chima anal xn affixed with the bee.

We find descriptions of these paj ntings in the ancient dramas, Kavyas written between the 12 and 15 centuries and they werebeing used by the ladies dowenload apps games xxx porn yang instan mia kalingaxxx days.

It mia kalingaxxx presumed that the paper containing these designs of face manga animГ© xxx was of the 15th century or of an earlier period. This painting was prepared with juice of fruit on the paper with stick instead of pen and kalingasxx. Qnce this face paintings mia kalingaxxx was shown to kaingaxxx Sri P.

He was pleased to the paintings, and mia kalingaxxx a photo of kalingaxdx mia kalingaxxx for the college museum and returned the same to me with photo copies. Acharya In verse 2 of the Brahmesvara inscription Janamejaya has been described as lord of Trilinga TrilingSdhipa and mia kalingaxxx conqueror of Odradesa.

This inscription mentions in the last line that Udyotakesari had the title of Kalingaaxxx which was assumed by all his predecessors.

But Trilinga as a geographical term possesses an interesting history which is discussed below. Trilinga from other epigraphic sources: The date of this plate has been assigned to A. Mention of Lalingaxxx in Puranas and Sanskrit literature.

kalingaxxx mia

Sylvain Levi writes as follows: It will not be out of place here to discuss on the historical value of Mia kalingaxxx and Pratiparudriya.

The historical bearing of ViddhasalabhanjikS was first dis- cussed by Hultzsch in who suggested the identification of its hero Karpuravarsa with Keyuravarsa Yuvarija I, the Kalachuri king. He further suggested that TrilingSdhipati corresponds to the title Trikalingidhipati which mia kalingaxxx applied to the Kalachuri Kings in their copper-plate inscriptions.

Mirashi discussed its 3. Balamonorama series' Madras, p, This change of text is certainly misleading. Kalungaxxx some coppersplate inscriptions of the Somavanasi kings we fn l the use mia kalingaxxx vowel ri mia kalingaxxx r such as! So Trilinga cannot be taken as a mistake for Trikalinga. Ramdas has quoted a verse from a work called Trilinga Grammar belonging to the 12th.

The kalinggaxxx of this his been assigned to the kallngaxxx few decades of the 13th. In the hook, mia kalingaxxx Pratiparudradeva has been ben fuck gwen The commentator interprets that Trilinga is the same as Andhradesa. The mention of Trilinga kingdom in Viddhasilabhanjika of the early 10th.

He only men- tions that Kosala was then included under Purvadesa lying to the east of Banaras. It seems that kingdoms of Kalachuri and Guen flash porn game download for android were then included in Kosala, otherwise RSjasekhara would mia kalingaxxx have mia kalingaxxx them kalinggaxxx if these kingdoms would have had separate existance.

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It is a fact that we do mia kalingaxxx get any clear boundary of these kingdoms from the works of Rajasekhara. Trilinga from foreign sources: By a singular anomally Ptolemy is the only guarantee of the name for all the earlier period. Pre-Aryan and Pre-Dra vidian p. The date of this inscriftion is fixed now as a. The above references clearly show that the antiquity of Trilinga is well established for a period of years from A.

Cunningham suggested that the Sanskrit equivalent of the Greek Trilingon is Trikalinga and Trilingai! Put Caldwell very rightly doubted this identification and wrote thus: Kalinga and linga may probably in some way be connected, but the mia kalingaxxx and history of connection have not as yet been made out2o. It may be taken as certain that Triglyphon, Trilinga or Modogalihga mia kalingaxxx identical with Telingana or Trilingam, which signifies the country of the three lingas.

Modo or Modoga is equivalent to mudu of modern Telugu. Ancient Geography of India,p. Comparative Giamiiiar of the Oravidian languagesp. No direct reference to or even tradition of Trikalinga has been recorded in any work on mia kalingaxxx subject of the Further India up till now.

The mia kalingaxxx of the colonisation of Burma by the people of Kalinga or Trilinga of India proper is forgotten in such away in Eastern India that the tradition is even silent; but the study of history in Burma, Siam, Combodia, Java etc. Kalinga is mentioned as a civilised country in the Dhauli edict of Mia kalingaxxx and the title of Kalingidhipati of KhSiravela is found from Hstigutnphi inscription.

Hobson Jobson p. But we have not yet got any reference from Indian sources to Trikalinga in that period. Duroiselle, the Government Epigraphist. The long debated question of sasuke x naruto porno yaoi origin of the name Talaing may also be looked upon as settled.

Pliny mentions Macco-Calingae, Ganga- rides Calingae as separate peoples from Calingae and this led Cunningham to mia kalingaxxx that the name Mia kalingaxxx is probably old and was known as early as the time of Magasthenes, from whom Pliny chiefly copied his Indian Geography.

Hobson Jcbson, Kling, p. The Antiient Geogr'aphy of Indiap. XX which was written as early animalsfullxxx Wilford writes mia kalingaxxx follows on Trikalinga: The first Calinga includes the sea coast about the month of the Indus; the second extends all round mia kalingaxxx peninsula ; and the Gangetic shores, from Cuttack to Chaiganh mia kalingaxxx the third.

No naruto x sakura hentay in Indiawould pretend to celebrity, and lasting fame unless he was the master of these three shores when he assumed the title of Tric'dmgadhipati. These were destroyed at once by unerring arrow of Siva who was standing in the district of Tipperah. Mia kalingaxxx it is certain that he got Trikalinga or India from the Benares copper y late.

There can be no doubt about that it is merely Mudu Kalinga or three Kalingas and has nothing to do with linga. In his second edition, however, Dr. Caldwell gives up this explanation. I am not mia kalingaxxx how far Kalinga mia kalingaxxx to be taken in the sense of Trikalinga as accepted by Burnell.

Dra vidian Grammer p. EJemenls of South Indian Palaeography,p. Foot note 1, p. The Eastern Gangas of Kalinga. Later Ganga kings i Vajrahasta V — a, d. S- hityadarpana, mia kalingaxxx treatise on AlamkSra written by Visva- natha early 14th Century a.

From this mia kalingaxxx appears that the title was assumed spidermanporn the Ganga kings from a. The Eastern Chalukya inscriptions show that there was a kingdom called Trikalinga adjoining to Vengimandala. The Masulipatam plates of Amma I 91 a. Somakuli kings of Utkala and Kosala had this title from At D. IV Nandagam plate iii Jbid, Vol.

Madras Museum, plate iv Ibid. Mia kalingaxxx the kings of this dynasty only Trailokyavarmadeva I7 a! The above references clearly prove the existence of the Trikalinga kingdom on the north of the Godavari, It seems that this team rocket hentai was first established by mia kalingaxxx early Gangas.

Under Trilinga necessary quota tions have been given above. In Burnell writes that Kalinga or rather Trikalinga is the very old name for-the greater part of the Telugu coast on the Bay free fortnite porn Bengal. HI- 47' Ancient Geography of India p. Elements of South Indian Palaeography p.

Chakravarti wrote -the following: This conclu- sion does not appear to be borne out by the facts. Laskar w'rote the following: But it seems to be sure that it included the whole of Kalinga with at least a few districts in the neighbourhood. It extended to about Vizagapatam in the south. Its northern limit is said in the Mah bh rata to he the river Vaitarani mod.

Byterniwhich river and the Kalinga people the Pnndavas are described to have reached at the same time on their southveard progress from Bengal in the course of pilgrimage.

According to this account, Kalinga would include a considerable mia kalingaxxx of Orissa. Be that as it may, we find in these inscriptions some points which w'ould indicate that Kosala was included in the countries known as Tri'Kalinga or the three Kalingas. The grantors of these charters have the title Tri-Kaling dhipati attached to their names, hut not the title Kosalendra lord of Kosala j, although they were undoubtedly the masters of the Kosala country.

Indeed, by the latter title Mah i-Bhavagupta 1 mia kalingaxxx referred to in charters b. But this title is mia kalingaxxx used along with their names nor is it joined to the title Trikaline dhipati, which is almost invariably prefixed to their names. This seems to show that the title Trikalingadhi- pati was thought sufficient by these kings to imply their possession of Kosala also.

It is therefore probable that Kosala, i e. Thus we see that they possessed at least a part of Trikalinga and therefore the title Tri Kaling dhinati was not altogether an honorific one as thought by Mr.

In and Sri G. Ramdas discussed on the signi- ficancs mia kalingaxxx the title of Trikalingidhipati and wrote as follows: D, Banerji writes as follows on Trikalinga: Orissa in the imkin". The natural division of the northern extremity of the eastern coast of the Bay of Bengal is very well suited to the term Tri Kalinga XXX.

These three divisions seem to have constituted the country known as Trikalinga. His notes at page Vol. II on Trikalinga mia kalingaxxx refer to Pliny.

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He has also criticised 5 5. History of Orissa p. But in the map No. There are a few other references to Trikalinga but I have omitted them for the reason that they do not possess any new interpretation.

The Jirjingi copper plate of Indravarman of the year 39 of the Ganga era is assigned to the period mia kalingaxxx the first half of the 6th. Somasekhara Sarma writes that a copper-plate of Samanalvarman dated 64 of the Ginga era mentions Trikalinga. The term Sakala kalinga shows that the kingdom of kalinga was divided into different parts and the sock worship caption hentai Madhyarna Kcdinga shows that it was divided into at least three divisions.

In eastern India we find from inscriptions that countries are generally divided into north and south such as Uttara R. If this interpretation is accepted: The Eastern Chalukya inscriptions support this assumption. The Ganga and Vigraha inscriptions clearly prove their inde- pendence in the 6th century a, d. This goes to show the weakness of the Gangas in this area.

The kingdom of the 8ailodhhavas was known as Kohgada Mandda which formed a part of Daksina Tosala under the rule of the Bhauma kings. From this it appears that mia kalingaxxx titles of Trikalingadhipati had no specific regal significance for Sas nka mia kalingaxxx Harsavardhana or the Bhauma mia kalingaxxx.

The Bhaumas ruled long and it was natural for them to use this title but they have not done so. Mia kalingaxxx it is not understood what led the kings of Somakuli dynasty to use this title after years and the significance of this title of Trikaling tdhipati used by the later Ganga kings of Kalinga aiad Utkala, the Haihayas and the Chandri- trayas is equally unintelligible mia kalingaxxx us. Mia kalingaxxx it appears that it was simply honorfic in the lOch century mia kalingaxxx.

The Brahmesvara inscription is definite about the fact that Janamejaya conquered Odra while he was the ruler of Trikalinga or Kosala. The titles of Mihasivagupta and Malubhavagupta of the copper-plates of Janamejaya suggest that he was connected with the Sirpur family. But I am unable to agree to his suggestion mia kalingaxxx the reason that Janamejayacan not be connected with any other known family.

The copper-plate inscriptions downlod egnlish sex video Janamejaya do mia kalingaxxx mention the conquest of Odra like this inscription. The coppet plate inscription of the year 31 only mentions that Janamejaya was known as Kosalendra.

In the inscription of the Mia kalingaxxx family these virudas of lord of Kosala Mia kalingaxxx and Mah'. Such a similarity definitely suggestes the family History of Orissa Vol. Orissa under the Bhauma kings p.

IXI,p I, Nos, 89 connection of Janamejaya with that of Tivaradeva. It is possible that the descendants of Tivaradeva conquered Trilinga and Trika- linga countries and were known as lords of Trilinga and Mia kalingaxxx Trilingidhipati mia kalingaxxx TrikalingSdhipati. This helps us to locate Trilinga and Trikalinga countries in the neighbourhood of Kosala. To fix limits of the Odra country with some mia kalingaxxx marks, we have also to mention this fact on the authority of epigraphic records e.

Orissa in the making. The Bauda copper plate grants Tribhuvana Mahidevi of the Bhauma. As this inscription shows that Odra is in the same area mia kalingaxxx Utkala as described by B. The next copper-plate inscription containing Odra is dated in the middle of the 8th. The importance of Dirghasi inscription lies in this that it mentions both Utkala and Odra which refer to the same geographical area. The copper plate mia kalingaxxx of YaySti of the year 9 was issued from Vinitapura in Kosala and its donee Sainkhapani, a resident of Silabhanjapati in Odra, was granted a village in Maradavisaya situated mia kalingaxxx Daksina Tosala.

This inscription furnishes us with an evidence that Kosala, Odra and Tosala were then separate from each other. On the other band we get the following literary references of Utkala and Odra: Mia kalingaxxx all these references it is clear that Odra and Utkala stand for the name of the same country and not two as defined by B. C Mazumdar and Pargitar. From the epigraphic reference to Mia kalingaxxx ic will appear that it was not an independent territory with its own king.

It was a tract of land which changed hands from time to time. Its history starts from about the 6th or 7th century a. Prior to it there is no historical reference to it. From 6th or 7th century till the 1 3th century it figures in the epigraphic records of the kings of different dynasties.

It is quite natural that the tract having no lord of its own should excite the greed of the neighbouring princes Besides, in those days of keen rivalry for supremacy and desire for expansion at the cost of the neighbours Tri-Kalinga, the Mid-Deccan tract, had acquired mia kalingaxxx importance; hence the desire among the Princes of the neighgbouring kingdom to annex it.

It is a mia kalingaxxx to distinguish between Tri-linga and Tri Kalinga. There is mention of Trilinga or Trilinga in the Puranas; and in the writing of the Greek historians, while there is nothing in hand to trace back the antiquity of mia kalingaxxx name Trikali nga to xxx de zootopia period. Mia kalingaxxx nough the earliest epigraphic reference to Trikalinga is to be found in the copper mia kalingaxxx of the 2nd and mia kalingaxxx king of the Ganga dynasty of Kalinga, viz Indravarman and Slmanta Varnaan.

In the context of what has just been said above, it may be possible that the eastern portion of Trilinga might have been called Trikalinga after the occupation of it by the above Ganga kings, of Kalinga.

Both the words remained in use synonymously. Since Trikalinga sounded more dignified, specially owing to its association with Kalinga, which was one of mia kalingaxxx most powerful kingdoms in India that word was probably more frequently used.

Regarding the location of Trilinga or Trikalinga, it is difficult to say mia kalingaxxx definite on the point. From the epigra- phic references it appears that it extended from Godavari in the south to river Tel on the north along the western border of Kalinga and Tosala, and the southern borders of Dshals and south. This might mia kalingaxxx been the original extension of the territory of Trilinga, but in the medieval period it did not extend beyond the Godavari, because the whole of the land to the south of Godavari was occu- pied by different dynasties like, eastern Chalukyas, western Chalukyas, Maharastras Kadamvas, Banavasis, Banas etc.

Only a narrow strip of hilly and deeply wood-land tract lay unoccupied along the borders of the old kingdoms, Kosala, Kalinga and Tosala. Orissa in the making, pp 63 ff Printed by P.

It is one of the several inscriptions engraved on the inner walls of the Jagaraohana of the Lihgaraja, the main mia kalingaxxx of the place. The writing occupies a space of 2' 3" X 1' 1' and the average size of the letters is I J'. The language is Sanskrit and it is in pi oso.

There are a few gi ammatical mistakes which have been corrected in their proper places in the text. Chodagahgadeva ascended the throne in Saka year J. Mia kalingaxxx we calculate his regnal years according to the system of reckoning. This is the earliest inscription of Chodagaiiga discovered.

The chief importance of the mia kalingaxxx lies in the fact that it gives us tlui Saka year A. Banerji assigned the date of the conquest of Orissa l y 'hodagahgadeva, to 11 Mia kalingaxxx A. No record was however discovered in Orissa pro] er to sliow that he had made himself the master of Orissa by tliat year.

This date does not however preclude the possibility of the earlier occupation of Orissa by liim, for, there is nothing in the present record to show that he conquered Orissa in A. Besides, certain places and monuments in and around Bhubaneswar are still associated with his name. A small lake near the Dhauli hill bears the name Kausalya iahga, the excava tion of which is attri- buted by the Madala Patiji to langesvaradeva who can mia kalingaxxx no other than 'hodagahgadeva.

A village near Dhauli is also known as iahgesvarapura. A local tradition current in Bhubaneswar credits Laksmidevi represented as the wife of Chodagahgadeva, with tlie excavation of a large tank that still mia kalingaxxx under the name Lakshmi-sagara in the neighbourhood of the Bhubaneswar Railway Station. About twelve miles to the north of Bhubane- swar and near the Barang Railway Station, are to be found the 2. History of Orissa Vol, I, p. The local tradition attributes its building to Inidahga Jiaja, Besides?

Xxx teen titans 2018 evidences indicate that this tort was also built by Mia kalingaxxx.

Not only this inscription but also otliers still 4. It was of latt3 despoiled by a contractor to build an embankment in the Kathjuri nver near Cuttack. One mia kalingaxxx its overwatch d.va sex passages mia kalingaxxx unique in its construction, 6. An Account of Mia kalingaxxx. Bengal Secretariat Edition ofp The existence of this fort was very kindly brought to our notice by Pandit Surya Narayan Daa of Puri, 7.

Mukharji — of Medieval Vaiahnaviam in Oriaaa, p. These names arc cither the wilful distortions or the utter corruptions of the mia kalingaxxx of the Western Chalukya kings that we find from the copper plate grants.

The summary of the story is as follows: The king Drmila proi itiated the Brahmins and so they conferred on him a boon that his two sons, Kirtti and Vasa would never be killed by any male human mia kalingaxxx.

The eldest mia kalingaxxx Prthuloma was religious-minded, but Kirtti grew vicious and intended the destruction of his brothers. One day he took his brothers to a forest on the pretext of hunting wild animals there, but when they grew tired, hungry and thirsty, ho killed ten of them. On mia kalingaxxx second occasion he took the remaining brothers to a forest and killed ten of them.

The process was repeated by him till many of his brothers were killed. When bis broken- hearted mother asked him about the whereabouts of his brothers, he gave her an evasive reply.

The king Drmila suspected Kirtti of having killed his sons and so he ordered his army to kill him, but although two generals, Ugrasarmg and Kuvala, fought bravely against him, they were defeated and killed by Mia kalingaxxx in mia kalingaxxx fight in which he was helped by his brother Vasa. When the king Drmila found his generals defeated, he and his eldest son Prthuloma mia kalingaxxx Prthula pursued Kirtti and Vasa with an army and left them at a great distance from their kingdom.

II, Part I, pp. So they resided there. Siva told her that according to the boon obtained by their father, they would not be killed by any male member, and so she would do a great service to tlie gods, if she mia kalingaxxx kill them. Now, mia kalingaxxx of tlie names given in the story mia kalingaxxx those of the western lialukya kings. As we have already said, the original names have either been hopelessly corrupted or mia kalingaxxx distorted to suit the exigencies of a mythological story.

The first half of the seventh century A. The tank still exists under the same name in the close vicinity mia kalingaxxx the eastern gate of the Lingaraja compound. It originally contained on its sides miniature temples of which many still survive. Banerji— fliatory of OrisBa, Vol. A tradition recorded in tlie Ekamra lAirana describes a tight at.

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But picture agency is just a mia kalingaxxx for something different. Actually have sex milk the legend nude Stripper Salma wakes up into a mattress with tied hands and mia kalingaxxx. Mua a doubt has arisen as to which Jagannath Piruz Shall destroyed. Some time back in a set of copper mia kalingaxxx which were discovered by the villagers of Nagari, near Cuttack, while digging a well in their village, mia kalingaxxx presented to me and I had it examined by Dr.

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The ]dace was near Sarangarh. After subduing the king the Sultan is said, in thrs Persian history, to have defiled this idol and carried it away to D dh. These coins were found in the ex-State of Sonpur several years mia kalingaxxx and mia kalingaxxx in the treasury there. After the merger mia kalingaxxx Orissa States, Sonpur was included in Balangir district and so the district treasury had to bring these coins from Sonpur Sub treasury for disposal by Government Before disposal, the Government in the Finance Department ordered the Treasury Officer to consult the authority kalingaxxxx the Museum and mia kalingaxxx this way these coins have been brought to mia kalingaxxx State Museum.

On further enquiry it was ascertained that some of these coins were found at the town of Sonpur and some at Baidyanath about kalingxxx miles to the south-west of Sonpur. But mia kalingaxxx information is hot sex gba roms free download about the date when they were brought to light.

From the classification, mia kalingaxxx appears that these coins mia kalingaxxx to several groups. Below is given a list of different groups of coins. In this paper, only the importance of aklingaxxx Kalachuri coins is discussed and the other coins will be discussed in due course. There are reports of discovery of Kalachuri coins in many places of Mahinadi valley, mia kalingaxxx Sri P. Acharya once examined a few coins of this type which are now in possession of the present Raja Saheb of Baramba.

In the coin cabinet of Orissa Museum also there are four such coins and their provenance is- not in the record. From above, it is clear miw Kalachuri supremacy prevailed in Sonpur area best mother son sex hentai C. The Chatesvara inscription belonging to Aniyankabhima II a. This shows that the boundary dispute between Gangas and Kalachuris continued for a long time.

Felow is given the description of the coins discovered from Sonpur. Metal — alloyed gold. Two line legend i Srimajja — Mia kalingaxxx — Plate 2 C. Two line legend i SrimajjS ii; [jaJ lla de j va 5. Let us see how' far the examination of the reverse will lead us to conclude the discovery of mia kalingaxxx mint mia kalingaxxx and the identifica- mia kalingaxxx of the figures.

On the girl xxx milk of Ratnadeva Plate mia kalingaxxx AI. So it is quite "possible mia kalingaxxx infer mia kalingaxxx the Kalachuris for sometime issued their gold coins fromMalhara althoughTummlna was the mint town.

Future discovery will throw more light on the problem. Scholars are requested wakfu sex hentai comicxxx verify my kalihgaxxx from the ,alingaxxx of the coins in the accompanying Plate 2. The identification suggested by Smith and Prof.

Mirashi is partly mia kalingaxxx. After careful study ma all the photographs of the gold coins of Kalachuri kings published in J. I, 1 have come to the conclusion that reverse figures, variously mia kalingaxxx. The lion is a rempant one anef stands majestically on the elephant. They are sorroundeci by a circle of dots on each coin. The upper figure is undoubtedly the rempant lion, facing right.

Its gaping face mia kalingaxxx been shown without the protruding tongue. Its mia kalingaxxx and ears are upraised. Beads are plated mia kalingaxxx the neck. Its hind legs mia kalingaxxx on the hind portion of the elephant. One of its fore legs is on the temple of the elephant and the other seems to be upraised. Similar figure of a lion only can be seen on the coins mia kalingaxxx Vakka- deva, a Hindu king mia kalingaxxx Ohind 1.

The mia kalingaxxx below the lion is a running elephant. Its trunk is half stretched and contracted inward mmia to want of space. Its upturned tail is seen on the left margin. Let me explain mia kalingaxxx there was confusion in proper identifi- cation of the device mia kalingaxxx the reverse. Generally all examined the coins miia the direction which the legend on the obverse showed. Here in this case the application of the same principle will lead us astray in examination of the design.

Because the figures on the kalingadxx have not been struck on the same axis of the obverse but on a changed axis. The die-struck er is responsible for such innovation.

Besides that the crude execution of the figures is also an additional cause for divergent opinions. Thus the striking of mia kalingaxxx reverse figure in comparison with the obverse one seems to be a porngames on psvita on the gold coins of the Kalachuris.

But actually Jajalladeva I had scarcely any time to look towards internal administration in view of his constant engagement in various wars. Again it mia kalingaxxx Jin important point to see that among the Kalachuri kings of Tripuri, coins of Gangeyadeva C. So it should have been natural for the kings of the other branches of the Kalachuris at Tummana to adopt teh device because of its popularity and family tradition.

Moreover this device gained so much popularity in India that it was imitated by the Chandtllas of Jajjhauti, the Gahadav. From this it can be safely inferred that the coin device of the Kalachuri kings of Tummana was made independently and mia kalingaxxx was no idea of imitation so far the reverse is concerned. In absence of the discovery of any coin of Ratnadeva I to Mia kalingaxxx I, we are inclined to assume that Ratnadeva II was the first king who introduced first gold coins in his dominion kalungaxxx issued them from Tumm ma mia kalingaxxx the effigy of Gaja-simha on the coins whidi was subsequently adopted by his successors on tlreir respective gold coins.

In this respect liry ministrels, creative nove- mia kalingaxxx and care-1 ree poets are the most skilful, 'olio take the greatest liberty. Neveidlieless they indirect ly serve a [oirpose of llistoiy ; namely, to preserve for us an mia kalingaxxx of man and things of the past in their own age.

According to medieval tradition India is divided into three jiolitical zones, each with a mia kalingaxxx bear- ing an aiipropidate title. Similarly the rulci of mia kalingaxxx South was called Norapafi as their main strength lay m their countless hoardes of infantry; and such mia kalingaxxx ruler is generally identified with mia kalingaxxx emperors of Vijayanagar.

People of the 1 unjab and Upper India excel in horsemanship, the armies mia kalingaxxx the fillers of these regions consisted mainly of good cavalrv. Asvapah is the title associated miw the lords' of Delhi whether Hindu or Muslim. A great conqueror who could subdue the 'ategories use to arrogate to himself the title of I n-dala-malla, or the vanquisher of the three hordes. TJie date of the composition of Bimldev-ltaso is a subject of controversy which need not be noticed here.

The king, whose deeds of war mia kalingaxxx love are sung in this poem was probably the Vigraharaj IV, reputed to be the uncle of the last Mia kalingaxxx of the Chauhan dynasty of Sanibhar and Ajmir. Vigraharaja-Bisaldev was a powerful conquorer. He was a great patron of learning also. The site mia kalingaxxx o ' 'Ujjied by mia kalingaxxx great mosque of Ajmir, popularly known as Adliai-div-ka-j'hopru once reared the great Sanskrit ITniversity of Bisaldev, who hat!

Some of these slabs were recovered from the site of mia kalingaxxx nios iie during the exca- vations of j. The date of Hdrd-kcJi-udtakdiu as given in inscriptions mia kalingaxxx to Sunday, the 22n l November, Much is not known about the author of Bisaldev-ltaso. His name was Nara]jati Rajasthani Nahapa and Nalha his family title. Nalha gives the date of the begin- ning of his poem as: Wednesday the ninth day of the dark fortnight of the month of Jetli of the year Bisaldev of Sambhar was a much-married mia kalingaxxx, whose latest acqiiisffiioii to his harem was Rajmati, the beautiful daughter of Raja Bhoj of Dhar in Malwa.

They spent many a hapi y year m love aml sport. One day Bisaldev boasted of valour to his wife and said that there was no peer of him among kings. Rajmati in i seriousness mia kalingaxxx lied that vanitv brings ruin and that there were other Rajas like him; e. Bisaldev in anger vowed 43 that he woiild go aud conquer Orissa.

One day she was struck down by the arrow of a hunter. In her next birth she had lier re-birth at Puri-Jagamiath. She ] rayed that she might not he in her next birth in Punib-drsh Eastern India. Bisaldev reached Orissa and paid his resi. He passes ev en years there when a letter from Ra. Interpolations and ineonsisteneies have not, been mia kalingaxxx pointed out in this edition.

How eould Rajmati daughter mia kalingaxxx Ka. Jiisaldev seeks leave of the Rajah to depart, and is called to the presence of the queen Patta-mahadevi. The queen requests Bisaldev to stay on in Orissa as kalungaxxx Pmdhan Chief ministoand proposes to give mia kalingaxxx in marriage two nieces of the king, one of which is hmri fair- complexionedthe other mnwali mia kalingaxxx of darker mia kalingaxxx. Bisaldev respectfully declines the offer, and starts foi- home.

The Rajah gave his honoured guest the royal umbrella and band of music at the time of his dejjarture. The Gajapati seems to have well-acquainted with the dangers of the sea and commanded la'sources in exiKuI sea men and strong ships mia kalingaxxx helj Ratansi.

On his i-eturn journey with Padmini a storm diverted tla; course tf his shi to the coast of Lanka. Tlie standard of Ifie of the people was of nnieh higher tlian that of the North in the post-ITa.

Life comes back to the forlorn ] arty Avheji they step on the shore of Orissa. The poet makes the emissary of his heroine search for the hero in jdaces as far as Balandvip inhabited by the Ingntj English merclianls and Sexy samus titty fuck Mia kalingaxxx in the west.

In east the emissary comes to Kaalingaxxx East Bengaland l y way of Manipair and Burma goes mia kalingaxxx 'hina where the limit of the earth ends and kalingaxxc of Swarga paradise begins. Mia kalingaxxx has, however, made amends by adding a chapter, Juguuuuih-Klunid in his ] oem.

The story of C Ini rural i is much less known than that of Badmnvnt. Tliis may cock transformation porn hentai e briefly recai itulate l as follows: The Deo was kindly spirit and at night kalinngaxxx kept watch on the sleei ing prince.

That night a friend of the Deo came and requested him not to miss the festivities of the sal-girah annual birth-day celegration of Chitrnvali the in-incess of Rupnagar. The Deo was in a fix. Ilis friend came to mia kalingaxxx rescue saying that tliey would bodily carry off the jirince to Rupnagar and keep him in the studio of the princess without dis- turbing his slec]and next morning fliey might bring him back where he was slee] ing.

Ho tliey look the prince to Rupnagar and went out to witness gaities leaving the prince in the Chitra-saJa The iirince umkimip at night and found liiniself in a dream-S as If weic. She beeaiiie disconsolate and sought mia kalingaxxx with the subject of painting. The hermit prince in his searcli for tlie lady of his dream en- countered various ailv uitnTes.

A wild elephant was about to kill hirii when a. Pakshimj, perhaps of the Jalajiu family of the Hamayan swoo] ed down upon mia kalingaxxx eOephant and carried it in its inighly ialoiis high u] into ilu' sky and over tlie si'as.

The iirince was left olf by the cle]ihanand he fell down cunt sex war.androide onlinegame app the island of: A Siddha-J ogi an anchoritewho came there showed him the pic- ture d' ,'hitravali.

His desire Avas fultilled; hut he forgot his mia kalingaxxx to his second love. Sujan Rai came back to Sagar-garii and sought permission of the Rajah to take Kaioilavafi with him. The Rajah equipped two boats that resembled an eleyihant and a horse. The voyage from Saga r-ga I'll was jieriloiis, and the mia kalingaxxx were about to sink in a whirlpool. Gods took pity on the lovers and ordered Agastya, who once drank iq the ocean to subdue the sea. The very name of Agastya terrilied the sea-god who allowi'd him a safe jtassage to the coast of Jagannatl.

The ] rince leapt on the shore and found a Hrahman taking mia kalingaxxx bath there. He enquired of him what city it was. But he wished to be first on mia kalingaxxx day to worship Jagannath. So he gathered some leaves and offered water and leaves to the idol with the prayer: His eyes became heavy with tears. The prince asked him why he was weeping.

Soon the prince recognised the old Brahnjan as his own purohit Hesi Pande. Kesi Pande narrated to the in-ince the story of his so- journ at Jagannath, how the sea-god whom he worshipped mia kalingaxxx ok him to the temple and disappeared after giving him hi alms five jewels. Lachchan Sahu said that he had visited Nepal and i rovidetl the prince with large sums of money.

Boyal robes, crown and ornaments were purchased, and also horses and elephants. A thorough search may bring to light more references to Orissa in Hindi literature. XlV,pages 961 tried to prove that Vamideva, endowed in the inscriptions o! It was shown that Vamadeva was represented as an emperor because the Kalachuri kings Kama and his successors regarded their dominions as belonging to the saint and themselves as the latter's deputies.

Attention w'as also drawn to the Guhilots of Mewar and the rulers of Travancore w'ho regarded themselves as duputies respectively of the gods Ekalinga and Padmannbhasv anin. It mia kalingaxxx again wellknown that the Oriyii Mia kalingaxxx Panji ed. At the back is a stepwell, which, mia kalingaxxx the mia kalingaxxx attached to it tells us, was constucted by Mokala and others in Mia kalingaxxx varse Magha sudi 3 Bhrrgava dine kalibgaxxx Sarvesvara mah i- munindra was the high jiraya tsunade sex of the Achalesvra maha-matha and king Tejah- simha was reigning at Chandr.

The temjile is situated in the centre of a quadrangle enclosed on all sides by high walls. It faces the west. The porch, the basement and the mandovara are mai ; the rest is all morden work. On the gateway of the enclosure is Lakulisa. The sixteenth line is short and is engraved below the second half of the previous line. The last line contains only three aksaras which are engraved mia kalingaxxx the beginning of line All the lines kalihgaxxx and end wdth tw o dandas The mis begins with a mlngalika symbol which looks like a numerical figure followed by a cypher and is found also in other 7 mis mia kalingaxxx of the locality.

The language is incorrect Succubus porn at least up to the word subhamastu in line 15, after which the language kalingasxx be the local prikrt and the reading is also not entirely beyond doubt.

There are three namaskara verses at the beginning kallngaxxx rest ot the record being written in prose. The characters employed are N Igari, Final t is often written like tu cf. B and V have been dxd high school xxx distinguished, the former having a dot cf. Batha in line 1 mia kalingaxxx inside the loop of the latter.

The writing ends with two dandas followed by a sign consisting of a kalinfaxxx with a tail. The central part of the inscription reads as follows: The most important persons mentioned in the record are of course three; 1 Panama-bhatt'. Bappa, and was kalingaxxxx himself a R ijan or was the son of Raja-sri-Batht.

It seems that Saiva saint Sarvesvara was the spiritual guide of Tejahsimha, the latter considering himself the deputy of the former in ruling his domn mia kalingaxxx. Now after the establishment of mia kalingaxxx Research Section Ijy the Government mia kalingaxxx Orissa regular survey mia kalingaxxx collec- tion of the unpublished palm-leaf manuscripts are being carried on. The study of the kalinaxxx manuscripts already collected in the Orissa State Museum and the research work therefor are gradually bringing to mia kalingaxxx from the oblivion of the past many tacts relating to a large number of forgotten Sanskrit poets and S dio]ar.

Tlie object of this paper is to give a short life-history of two such mia kalingaxxx Sanskrit poets mia kalingaxxx Kavibhushaiia Govinda S;imai taraya and kailngaxxx grandson Kavi- chandra Kamalalochaiia Khadgaraya who lloiirisheil in Orissa in the mia kalingaxxx century.

Sir William Hunter was the first historian to give a list of poets and scholars of Orissa who wrote in Sanskrit and Oriya while writing on the Literature of Orissa.

Shastri in the Notices of Sanskrit manuscripts gave a brief note on the unpublislied Oriya manuscript of a Sanskrit drama entitled Samrddha M: He made some quotations from this work on page of the same volume without any comment on the poet.

IT, Appendix Mia kalingaxxx, pp. Language and Literature kalinvaxxx Orissa by M. Chakravarti, Journal of the A. Notices of Sanskrit manuscripts, Second Series,Vol. But the editor oidy jirinted the text. In tlie first chapter of the text the mia kalingaxxx has given a descri]ition of his forefathers after Mangalacharana in the following Slokam qi[raJTWtsfq TT g r fe r y r: Kavibhusana Govinda Samantarciya was a great scholar and poet and an author kia many works in prose and poetry.

He was highly respected in the learned society and received honours in royal courts. This description no doubt gives us some idea mia kalingaxxx the father and grand-father of the poet and also about his own poetic kalingaxdx. But this is incomplete 4.

Forut- nately for us in the last chajiter of the text, the aiitlioi has gwtn a short but illuminating history of his renowned family in which was born a host of scholars and poets. The history as given by the poet runs as fo]low's. He performed many sacrifices and founded a Brahmin Sasana named T mia kalingaxxx where he settled with his family and relatives. His son Visvanatha was a devout worshipper of Visvanatha Lord Siva and got the title of Xavichandra from some king mia kalingaxxx his ]ioetic gifts and was highly honoured in the learned mia kalingaxxx.

During mia kalingaxxx life time there came about a great political change in this country Orissa which came under the sway of Moghal Baja Manasinha. The relevant portion of the text referring to Baja Manasiiiha is quoted below: From this quotation mia kalingaxxx appears that the ] oet Visvanatha Samantaraya pleased Baja Mia kalingaxxx who mia kalingaxxx to Orissa wnth other chieftains of the west qrsgic?!

This could be mia kalingaxxx 0. Mia kalingaxxx manuscripts of the second part of Suri Sarvaswam, 40th Mia kalingaxxx. He spent kalingaxxc short time in the court of Akbar mia kalingaxxx he became ac iuainted with many renowned poets and scholars of the time. In appreciation of his poetic attainments he got valuable rewards such as mia kalingaxxx, land and ornaments from the Hadshah.

After having earned name and fame in the Moghul court, the famous and enriched Kavichandra returned to his home land where his kith and kin had been living. Raja Manasinha came to Puri in A.

So he must have beam sent to the court of Akbar after A. We leai'u that Manasinha returned to Delhi in and presented two nobles of Orissa in the Moghul court on 23rd Wii fit porn ary, Hhattacharya while indetifying most of this Hindu l. Wlien he breathed his last by the performance of Yoga, his wife mounted into the funeral pyre and mom son sex3d game videos in mobile a Sati.

Their two orphan sons. II, published by the Dacca University, p. The relevant lines are quoted below: It is written in the same Madalapanji that Dasa Vidyadhara was killed ti'eacherously along with sixteen generals by Raja Kalyana Mala son of Raj Todara Kalingaxxwho had invaded the kingdom of Raja Purusottam Deva in his 17th Anka year or 13th regnal year.

The description in the Madalapanji runs as follows: Tsunade hentai invaded the kingdom of Purusottam Deba in 15 A.

This event mia kalingaxxx another exact date kalungaxxx the genealogical history of Kavibhushana Govinda. Then the family-history runs Madala Panji, published by the Prachi Samiti, Cuttack, p.

Some letters are missing as this portion of the palm-leaf is worm-eatea History of Orissa by B. There they were, married and settled in that kingdom permanently with their families. In the family of Mahesvara there was born a Zoootopia porno named Trilochana who had a son named Krisna.

Krisna had a son named Padmanabha. The son of Padmanabha was Basarathi, Basarathi bad a son named Visvanatha.

Rarnachandra was blessed with a sou named Govinda, who became battle girl high school hentai as Ravibhushana for his vast knowledge and literary kalingaxsx.

Thus the entire genealogy mia kalingaxxx Kavibhushana Mia kalingaxxx as given by himself may be drawn in the following manner ; mia kalingaxxx Burgadasa founded the Brahmin Sasann Durgadasapura Kavichandra Visvanatha Samantaraya he was honoured in the court of A.

kalingaxxx mia

Settled in Pratap Rama- ehandrapura after his return from Delhi. Mahrtdeva Mahesvara both the brothers settled in Banki in A. The figures when calculated from the right to the mia kalingaxxx give the Saka year or a. Again in the mia kalingaxxx the auhtor says that he completed the writing of this work in the 63rd Anka year or the 50th regnal year of the Gajai ati Virakesari Deva.

There is a 'onflict of opinion anumg scholars about raven cosplay porn date of accession of Virakisora Deva.

So this much can be said with certainty tliat Kavibbushana Oovinda mia kalingaxxx a contemporary of Virakisora Deva. Thus it can now be concluded tlmt Kavibhushana Govinda fiourislied in the State of Banki under Khurda in the middle of the 18th century when Virakisora Deva was the ruler of Khurda.

Like most of the contemporary Orissan poets, he was a staunch follower of the Goudiya school of Vaishnavism. He wrote Samruddha Madhava Nfitaka on the model of the Gitagovinda and in imitation of the famous Sanskrit drama Vidagdha Madhava, written by Rupa Gosvami in the middle of the 16th century. A great scholar and a poet as he was, he might have written a number of works. He seems to have a happy and pros- perous career and his name and fame as a poet spread throughout the length and breadth of Orissa even during his mia kalingaxxx as the manuscripts of his works are found in all parts of Orissa.

No information about his descendants is obtained from his works. But it is gathered from the works of his grand-son Kavi- chandra Kamalaloehana Khadgaraya that Kavibhushana Govinda had a son named Krisna Chandra Khadgaraya about whom very little is known.

It mia kalingaxxx still to be ascertained whether he was also a Sanskrit scholar like his father mia kalingaxxx his son. The exact mia kalingaxxx between Ramachandra Khadgaraya and Krisna Chandra Khadgaraya cannot he determined now.

Rath presented the inscription to the Utkal University at Cuttack, which has recently made arrangements to collect materials for the re- construction of the early history of Orissa under the guidance of the learned Vice-Chancellor, Mr. About the beginning of May,Mr. Acharyya kindly sent the inscription to me for examination. On a careful examination of the epigraphic text, it was found that the inscription gives new and very interesting information about a king of ancient Orissa.

The inscription is not dated according to any era; but its jialagography suggests that it may tsunade futanari roughly ascribed to the 8th century a.

The charter belongs to a king named Nettabhanja. The draft of the present record is again remarkably different from that of any other known Bhanja inscription. As a matter of fact, besides the name of the king ending in the word Bhanja, there is hardly anything in the inscription under dis- cussion that can be associated with the Bhanjas of Orissa.

The issuer of the present charter has however to be identified with the king who issued mia kalingaxxx Baud plates J. The king thus had a fairly long reign covering at least mia kalingaxxx twenty- six years.

He is described as parama- brahmanya and parama-mahesvara i. The grant is mia kalingaxxx said to have been made on behalf of the queens Kshatlridevi and Kaivarltadevi and mia kalingaxxx raja-pulri i.

If this was so, we have here an interesting information about the working of the social system in early Orissa. The charter was written by Vandya-Devabhadra and was engraved by the Bkogika Dhara. Whether the word Vandya mia kalingaxxx to the name of the writer is an mia kalingaxxx part of mia kalingaxxx name or is an epithet cannat be determined.

Although the institution of the social groups of Bengali Brahmans known as Chatta-upadyaya and Vandya- upadhyaya is usually assigned to a late date, a name like Brihach-Chatta is actually found in a Bengal inscriiation of the sixth century a.

It seems possible that the epithet Vandya applied to Devabhadra in the inscription under review is not entirely un- connected with the question of the origin of the cognomen Vandya- upadhyaya that mia kalingaxxx to be regular among a section of the Bengali Brahmanas at a later date. VsrsddR seems to be mia kalingaxxx other than modern Biirada or Baruda, about seven miles from Russelkonda in the Ganjam District.

The Baud plates, as noted above, refers to his residence at modem Angul. Nothing however is so far known about king Drumaraja and his family excepting the informations supplied by the inscription under discussion. Nothing again is mia kalingaxxx yet known about the relation of Netta- bhanja mia kalingaxxx the family of Driunaraja with the contemporary ruling families of Orissa. He seems to have flourished in the 8th cen- tury and games hentai over parts of the Ganjam-Puri-Cuttack region as an independent monarch.

As has already been indicated above, it is difficult to associate, in the present state of our knowledge, king Nettabhanja of our record with any of the known branches of the Bhanja family. It is also unknown to us whether the immediate predecessors and successors of this king had names ending with the word Bhanja, although the name of Drumaraja is found to be without that end- ing, An interesting fact is that, though the real meaning of the Prakritic name Nettabhanja is not clear, it was a fairly popular name in ancient Orissa.

Whether the earlier Bhanjas of Mia kalingaxxx mandala, among whom there are no less than two Nettabhanjas, claimed some sort of animalsexghost porn with mia kalingaxxx early Nettabhanja is not possible to determine until further evidence is forthcoming. I had no definite information regarding mia kalingaxxx actual findspot of the inscription under notice when, soon after its reecipt, I com- pleted a paper on it for Epigraphia Indica.

About the end of November1 visited Russelkonda in course mia kalingaxxx my annual tour in search of inscriptions mia kalingaxxx came to learn mia kalingaxxx the plates were found in the possession of Mr.

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