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This one starts the scene with a side gya and in order to see the next hentai POV scene, you have to win the mini-game.

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sex naruto hokage gay It's not hard this mini-game, but Sakura vs Hinata The true fans of the Naruto world would be happy to see a game or a hentai sex naruto hokage gay where one of the sexy female characters of this anime series meet each other and have fun in some awkward, but really horny situations. We can provide such content: Queen elizabeth porno Secret Naruto and other people of Hidden Leaf Village are about to reveal a great secret of Tsunade that she hides all these years.

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With one hand sort of just start tugging at it. Following the instructions, Boruto tentatively vay a hold of his dad's dick. It felt very warm even with the sauna. He noticed that cartoons porn sauna wetter down his dad's pubic hair.

With a small and shy tug, Boruto started to pick up the pace and gain courage.

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Soon, Boruto's hand was splashing against the water before Naruto told him to pause. Place that hand at the top, and the other to hold my balls, now lower your body such that my dick is between my eyes and yours. Boruto slowly lowered himself a little more in gaj water sex naruto hokage gay that his wonder woman porn pictures was only a few centimeters from touching it. The position had the additional effect of placing his face far closer to his dad's erection.

Unable nafuto stop staring at it, Boruto noted how much longer and wider narutoo dad's dick was. Look up at me.

This is the go-to position for you. Whenever you are giving a handjob, make sure the dick is in front of your face. No one should be able to see anyone's face without a dick in the way. Keep cupping them like you are. If they ever sex naruto hokage gay up or so, then you have gone to far. The trick with them is that they are very sensitive.

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Just too much pressure one time, and pleasure has turned into pain that does not go away. He really did not want to ruin this moment, but his small hand could barely hold them all in sex naruto hokage gay. In fact, the sides of naeuto sack were not held at all. With them underwater, Boruto had trouble with them floating, so he cupped them towards Naruto's body. Checking them hokagr, Boruto looked up to his dad, hokafe past Naruto's sex naruto hokage gay dick.

That's what a man's balls feel like, son. Get comfortable with them. It's very important that you are comfortable around them. I know they are underwater, but look at them. See how filled they are with my cum? Feeling a man's balls in your hands? So full of cum?

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You want that cum don't you. Now look up at me, and tell me. Tell me how badly you want it. So full sex naruto hokage gay cum. I want it so bad. All naduto my face.

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Naruto laughed a little, "We can work on that later. But you get the idea. You sex naruto hokage gay how my cock is stiffer? Now, you might have felt a little something as well, neh? That's the point of talking dirty. Gets both parties more heated in the moment.

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There should be no fear, nervousness, anxiety, stuttering and the such in your voice. It sounds super fake otherwise. Boruto nodded in reply looking through gah dad's dick. His hand got more comfortable to the weight of his dad's balls. He felt more accustomed to the shape. The dirty talk took him fortnite sexyporn surprise.

He had no idea what to do or say other than lol hentai flash game video download what his dad said. At least when his dad was talking, it started to get his dick hard again. The way he said it with a deep husky voice, and his sex naruto hokage gay in his hand, his thick, large dick in the sex naruto hokage gay and in his face, his dad's nonchalant position in the steamy sauna all added to the atmosphere.

Now with your other hand on my dick, just twist the tip.

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OK, again, but with more pressure. Ummm, again, but maybe more fluid, ya know. Now you are getting it. You don't gxy to squeeze it like a water bottle, but be firm with it. Now, just like I did with you, start to pump sex naruto hokage gay. Boruto tried his best sex naruto hokage gay get a good grip but it was either too soft or too hard. Then, his dad was already moving to the pumping stage.

Although his relatively nwruto hand had no trouble with beautiful girl hentai bulb of his dad's dick, the shaft was another problem.

naruyo It was just too big. Unlike how Naruto could use one hand to sex naruto hokage gay cover all of Boruto's dick in one-go, Boruto could not do the same.

He could not even wrap his fingers such that they would touch it each other. He looked up at his dad for help with what to do. His dad nodded in thought. My dick's too big for you.

Maybe, hmm, I don't know. I was going to save this for tomorrow sex naruto hokage gay, but, we might as well. He felt ashamed for not being able to do it, but sex naruto hokage gay was out of his control really. His dad's dick was too big, but he did not want to end the night without completing such important training with his dad. They only have so many days, and this will probably only happen this training trip. His son's hands holding his balls, and the other stopping from giving a poor handjob.

He originally planned just for Boruto to use sex naruto hokage gay hands. Boruto looked adventurous monster breeder porn game at his hands and thus his dad's dick before looking back up determined, "Yeah.

Boruto puckered his lips from his same position and started to get his head closer to his dad's dick. He squeezed his eyes out of shyness. Naruto, on the other hand, found the scene comical but knew game of porn would never pass.

He narutoo that his son was not ready, but his son's pride would not allow him to back down. Naruto, of course, sympathized with the stubbornness and went to help. You want to get your face sfx up to my dick. Specifically, my dick's head. Once there, you will give it a quick kiss making sure to look up at me. Turning the shame into rugged determination, Boruto moved his head right in front of his dad's cock. He could see the large vein running underneath along all of the other features.

It practically took up his whole vision.

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By getting closer, he could tell that the dick got even more engorged. His small breaths made it even larger. Boruto liked the fact that he was at least doing something for his dad. Far less than what Naruto did for him, but nonetheless, something. Tay his neck a little over the dick, Boruto went to kiss before stopping and making sure to look up.

His dad's blue eyes seemed electric through the steam of the sauna. Boruto felt a sense of compulsion and, while maintaining eye contact, lowered himself the extra centimeter and puckered his lips and placed one on the top.

Narutk of the position, Boruto's eyes were practically rolled ses the way up in an uncomfortable position. Sex naruto hokage gay felt it worth the discomfort from the immense satisfaction sex naruto hokage gay finally not screwing up and gratifying his dad. Despite being taken aback, Boruto did not download porn game offline to hesitate again and disappoint his dad, potentially ruining the training trip.

With a shy swipe of his tongue, he passed over the slit collecting the precum and licked it back into his mouth. He could not stop the sour look passing over his face. It's an acquired taste, but, soon, you'll be loving the flavor. Boruto nodded and went for another lick. He could not fathom how he would end up liking the flavor, much less loving it.

Then sex naruto hokage gay, he knew how much his father loved ramen, which tasted sex naruto hokage gay salty. Boruto's thoughts derailed, sexart69 pics he obeyed without asking questions this time. Naruto found that unbelievably sexy from his troublesome son.

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sex naruto hokage gay Looking up, Naruto's cock dominated Boruto's vision. Although the smell of steam clouded his senses, he could definitely smell the very unique scent that every person seemed to have. Except yourself, of course. Boruto, overpowering his nervousness so close to the steam, went to lick it. He felt the hand on the back of his head guide him upwards. His tongue remained out and slid more out of his mouth. By the time he reached the top, his tongue stretched as far out as it could go.

Naruto hissed midway at the feeling of a rough tongue going across the main vein on the underside of his dick. He could not help but give a little pressure to guide his son that was going too slow.

The eye-contact the whole time gave Naruto nothing more than the sensation of pure domination. Once at the top, Boruto left his mouth wide open with his tongue all the way out. Only able to see the top of Boruto's teeth and the sex naruto hokage gay illusion of the tip of his dick inside of his son's mouth, Naruto decided to step it up a notch.

With the guiding incest animation his hand, he placed Boruto's mouth over the top of his dick. Then, he place his son's hand down towards the foreskin. With his son's mouth completely filled hot naked woman the head of his dick, Naruto finally spoke in a tone that allowed no questioning, "Close your mouth around my dick.

Now use that tongue of yours to lick my head. Don't stop playing with my balls sex naruto hokage gay. Get your other hand working. Start pumping and twisting my fat cock like I did to you.

With his mouth fully over the head of the dick, Boruto's tongue started to swipe at the slit more. Then, his tongue started to lather the whole bulbous head. At first his tongue glided slow, but with sexy vrchat porn increased instructions his tongue went into overdrive.

Meanwhile, sex naruto hokage gay hand kept weighing the underwater balls, while the other started to pump and twist. Remembering to look up, he saw a sex naruto hokage gay smile covering his dad's face. The head alone strained his mouth.

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He just barely covered the whole head, but without proper suction, he started to drool on his dad's cock. With his mouth filling with saliva, he sucked some back. What escaped his lips soon joined the rest sex naruto hokage gay his dad's cock thanks to his pumping hand. Get your lips around my fat cock.

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I forgot to nokage you this, but absolutely no teeth on my dick, OK? Now with that small mouth of yours start sucking my dick. Don't sex naruto hokage gay gamrmany tongue or anything else either, got it?

Partially bobbing his head in a nod, Boruto got a better grasp of the dick's head in his mouth.

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With his lips just on the gau side of the head at the foreskin, Boruto started to earnestly suck the dick in his mouth. Boruto noted that the hand on the back of his head started to grip the hair on the back of his skull, if only sex naruto hokage gay little.

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Moreover, his dad's chest started to rise and fall more deeply. Unable to stop the pride coming to him, Boruto speed up sex naruto hokage gay licking and the sexx and the pumping.

Like earlier with the balls, Boruto soon got comfortable with his dad's dick in his hand and the dick's head in his mouth. His sucks started to get louder and fuller. Nonetheless, the sex naruto hokage gay actions worked dormant muscles, even despite his intense ninja training. He refused to let the early signs ruby sex game soreness to slow him down.

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He gave one real large suck with all of his lungs. His dad moaned real loud and let sex naruto hokage gay haruto the damp blonde hair. Boruto felt his dick stir again.

Quickly, it became hard. Naruto, the whole time, never broke eye-contact with his son working hard on his cock.

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The hand pumping, the hand cradling and the mouth sucking loudly and lewdly. Naruto knew if it continued much longer he would cum, and he still had a lesson to teach. You are doing real well. I just want you try something out real quick. I want you to go as far down my dick as you can.

Move around if you need to. Do not worry about looking up at me. Try to see if some saliva will help. Boruto repositioned himself with the dick still in his mouth. He felt slightly tempted to take a hand and start touching himself. He refused the compulsion because he did not want to disappoint. He had a sex naruto hokage gay, and sex naruto hokage gay would not let his lack of discipline interfere. Standing more upright from his squat, Boruto bent over such that he faced completely down.

He could only see the larger part of his dad's shaft, hair floating strangely hokag the steamy water, a happy trail that led to a muscular V and the bottom part of his dad's six pack. Hoping to prove himself, Boruto stopped and loosened his lips to let the saliva go down. Pumping with his hand on the upper part of his dad's dick, he hoped to lube up the dick.

Afraid of seeming like sex naruto hokage gay was hesitating, Boruto started to go down further than his dad's bulbous head. Fortunately, the head was the widest part, but it was very wide.

Boruto's dick twitched at the thought of his mouth being naurto even more by his dad's fat cock. He barely passed the foreskin before he shota yaoi xxx the dick pressing the back of sex naruto hokage gay throat.

He could not let it end now, but he had no hkoage what to do? Following his kim kardise porn instructions, Boruto first started boy sexuith his swcet rodgirl deeply through his nose.

Next, he tried to hhokage his throat as much of possible, but his muscles were not obeying. He had no idea how to 'open his throat'. Everything back there felt alien to his own body. Nonetheless, he pushed himself down his dad's thick dick.

He wanted it so badly. Boruto began to bob his head. His head slid up and down the rockhard cock stretching his small mouth. Then, Boruto started to pump his head like his hand did previously. Boruto became frustrated from the lack of progress.

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He needed to get further down his dad's dick, but it kept hitting the back of his throat which reflexively repulsed him.

His body was betraying him! Continuing to tails porno cream hack and go at least temporarily further, Naruto's dick kept hitting the back of Sex naruto hokage gay throat. Naruto gsy see sex naruto hokage gay determination in his son's actions, but they were simply not good gat results.

The blowjob was feeling good mainly from the appearance and looks of his son's submissiveness and eagerness. Now it was looking bad with the coughs naaruto the air. Knowing the pain it sex naruto hokage gay cause Boruto if he told him to stop, Naruto placed both his hands on the back of Boruto's bobbing head.

Feeling the pressure, Boruto stopped briefly before continuing. Naruto gripped the blonde locks lightly before sex naruto hokage gay control.

Receiving the hidden message, Boruto stopped his ministrations and let Naruto take over. The hands slowly but surely pushed down. Meanwhile, Naruto kept telling his son to loosen his throat. The dick edged against Boruto's gag reflex, but Boruto refused to resist and kept trying to relax. The wideness of Naruto's dick struggled against the tightness of Boruto's throat.

His hands had some time ago sex naruto hokage gay to hold against his dad's large thigh muscles above the knee. His mouth had never been stretched like this before, especially for such a hooage period of time. Tears, which he gy on the steam, started to form at the edges. He had trained harder than this before. It was just so much more intimate and different.

It worked pokemon porn game sorts of new areas. Naruto leaned his head to the side to get a better view srx his son's dicks wrapped around his cock and struggling to take more in. He found the sight beyond sexy. He loved the feeling of Boruto's hands against his thighs, having fully succumbed to pleasuring him. He took extreme pride in all the trouble's his large cock caused.

Naruto's dick now fully rested against Boruto's throat. Thinking of everything he could do, Boruto started to extend his legs and get a better narutl to swallow his dad's thick dick.

The new position hentai tentacles the feeling briefly and offered a new pathway for his dad's cock.

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